- Underwater hull cleaning with evidences before/after services, daily safety check list, satisfaction letter and reports.

          - Installation of cofferdam for dry repairs.

          - In/out blankings for seachests.

          - Emergency underwater repairs. (weldings/cuttings).

          - Propeller cleaning and polishing.



          Hydraulic power units for UW/hull cleaning.

          Hydraulic power units for propeller cleaning/polishing.

          Nylon Brushes avoiding paint damages.

          Diamond discs for propeller polishing.

          Full face masks and radio communication.

          Complete set of closed television circuit with surface.

          Low/high pressure compressor.

          Fast support boat.

          Diving boats.


     Work force:

          12  Professional divers.

          02  Diving Supervisors.

          01 Technical Manager.


     Ports of attendance:

          Paranagua, Rio Grande, Santos. (at the moment).


          All services, equipments and professionals meets all international standandards of quality and safety requirements.